KoNTECH has been distributor for glued insulating joint Type “S” for many years.

The <Type  S> glued insulating joint

Insulating joints are used for signal control of railways on endless tracks. Insulated fishplate joints are built into switches and tracks to interrupt the track electric circuit in order to send a signal. The <S> glued insulating joints are technically and economically superior to all other existing joint systems. This is due to the tightness of the joints thanks to the glued in fishplates, the insulation and the highly pre stressed HV fishplate bolts. The unique features of the glued in insulating  joint<S> are the insulating components using specially modified HGW material. The glue “ Metallon” has been developed by  Henckel and Cie. to be used especially for this application.

Pros and properties

  1. The tight insulating joint resists a temperature range of  – 30° C to + 60°C .
  2. The ultimate load under tension is app. 150 t  thus exceeding the regular tensile load of 70 t. No other insulating joints can resist to such high tensile forces.
  3. The insulating joints can be fit in on-site without having to interrupt railway traffic!
  4. The glue in insulating joints have successfully been applied world wide in Western and Eastern Europe, the US, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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